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On Burton’s Writing Style:


Burton writes from both a street-smart and a biblical point of view.

Burton believes that it takes both types of knowledge and wisdom in order to survive. If you only know life from a biblical point of view, you will find yourself naive to handle the realities of everyday life.  Conversely, if a person only knows life from a street-smarts point of view, you will not have the understanding to navigate the spiritual pitfalls that life lies before us.

The Bible instructs us to put on the full armor of God and in Matthew chapter 10 verse 16, the Bible advised us to be “wise like the serpent.”

Burton about Burton:

father-and-toddler-girlI can truly say that I have lived through the absolute best and the absolute worst that life has to offer.

I have lived in the million dollar houses, driven the fancy cars, live the life of the rich and famous and had the world was my playground. I have also lived the absolute worst in life. Going through bankruptcies and losing everything financially, going through a divorce, being separated from my children, unexpectedly legal issues and being stabbed in the back by the people that I thought loved me the most.

In hindsight, I can see that both the blessings and curses that I have gone through in life were there to give me the knowledge wisdom and understanding needed it to write these books.

A person only knowing the good in life could never fully understand the struggles of the less fortunate in life.

My life’s struggles have equipped with a wisdom that I wish to share with other, so that they can find life a bit easier to navigate through.

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