About the Author

Who is Burton Hudson?


Burton Hudson is a regular guy with a gift for writing and now author of three great books.

Burton resides in Aurora Colorado with his wife and three daughters. His original intent was not to be an author but be a good provider so he pursued a successful career as an electrician. But something kept pulling him into another direction. Electricity is nice but the energy you get from knowing God is guiding you is the most enlightening.

The inspiration:

girl readingThe inspiration to become a author came from Burton’s personal life and the circumstances with his own family and friends. You will find yourself comparing events in your own life and how they could lead you to your own true path. Some events in your life may be painful but actually a blessing as you will see when you read Burton’s books.

Three great books!

The goal is larger then just selling books it is to inspire you to reach your own given talents and strengths and learn as you go through trial and tribulations in life.

Books about Life is part of Burton’s businesses BKH Enterprises Inc. Promoting good in the world through our faith is the mission.

How can you help?

We would love it if you could support us by visiting Our Mission, reading Burton’s books or by just realizing your own dream to move forward and take control over your own responsibilities.

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If you truly feel like your life is leading you in a different direction you should read these books and you will know why.

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