About the Author

Burton Hudson was born in Omaha Nebraska

He was raised in Germany and Denver, Colorado. He is the Father of three daughters; LéTika, Angela and Destinie.

On Burton’s Writing Style

Burton writes from both a street-smart and a biblical point of view.

Burton believes that it takes both types of knowledge and wisdom in order to survive. If you only know life from a biblical point of view, you will find yourself naive to handle the realities of everyday life. Conversely, if a person only knows life from a street-smarts point of view, you will not have the understanding to navigate the spiritual pitfalls that life lies before us.

A person only knowing the good in life could never fully understand the struggles of the less fortunate in life.

My life’s struggles have equipped me with a wisdom that I wish to share with others, so that they can find life a bit easier to navigate through.

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